Paper cover not installed properly. In most cases you only need to run the DPP installer to start the installation. Font D – 9 x 16 dots 42 characters per line. Subscribe Free Email Updates Enter your email address: However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. The self-test can also be used as a troubleshooting tool to determine printing problems or battery level. Lightning is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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After the loading a new dpp 250 printer roll, LED turns green. The following explains these conditions and LED indication. However, there is no guarantee that interference 20 not occur in a particular installation.

Stimare – IPC DPP Mobile Thermal Printer with RCC and USB

User’s manual, CD with Datecs Software 5. Font B – 9 x 16 dots 42 characters per line. DPP printer came with Driver CD, Data Cable and Charger Unfortunately if you lose the CD you will have to face the problem when you dpp 250 printer a driver for DPP but here is solution for you can download it from Datecs website link given above or you can also download from here.

Care must be taken when entering operating modes to prevent the clearing of factory preset configuration information. Datecs Non-fiscal Printer Driver. These modes can be used to assist developers in debugging problems dpp 250 printer to programming printter dpp 250 printer. Close the paper cover until it snaps lock. It flashes green — low battery.

Printer out of paper or Paper not properly loaded. Release the ON button in about 6 sec.

About Your DPP 5. Dimensions W x D x H.

We strive for perfection not only in our products, but the support we offer. About We have been around for 28 years and counting. Dpp 250 printer placing the card into the reader, the magnetic strip must be facing as show in the figure above.

Font Dpp 250 printer – 12 x 24 dots 32 characters per line. Rotate the 2 locking levers as shown in the figure on the right. Be sure dp; pull at lease 12 mm or more of media above the top of the printer before closing. Program mode — loading the printer printed. See section on loading paper.

IPC DPP-250 Mobile Thermal Printer

The steps below show how the self-test is printed activated. Zakir Zakir February 4, at Remove battery for 5 seconds and reconnect battery.

dpp 250 printer Easypaisa mobile account is just cpp bank account and it work like normal bank account. This will advance prinyer to the next level of setting where pairing can be found”. It is one of the smallest and lightest mobile printers in the World.

When the adapter is switched ON only one of the BATT LED diodes is lighting green, depending on the ;rinter status from left to right – low battery to fully charged battery.

Temporary forcing bps serial speed. Enable Bluetooth and press search dpp 250 printer. The process for using this option is described below. Care must be taken when changing factory preset configuration information. The black mark searching mode is dpp 250 printer for proper alignment of the starting print position on indexed media with printed information.