I have to use the computer to connect to the phone. Ive done all this mate, didnt work…? There was no option to download the bit version of the drivers on the link provided, only bit. Hello Soni, Yes the driver is compatible. Another odd thing, is that when I try to connect from the phone side, nothing happens. I get all the way through step 7 verifying that Windows Mobile-Based Device Support is installed in Device Manager , and everything seems fine on the Windows end.

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Your description was the most detailed, so I thought you might know how to help. Unfortunately the Bluetooth pairing with an iPhone is and always has been really flaky.

After clicking the Troubleshoot option from the iPhone iphone 4 bluetooth peripheral device connection properties menu two different options to start troubleshooting the periphral connection problem were displayed.

I just followed the instructions step by step and I was able to install the driver successfully. Glad you found the article helpful.

But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks and you get full support and a day iphone 4 bluetooth peripheral device back guarantee: Has any one tried this with iOS 4. Hello Alex, I am not sure I understand what you are saying or asking. Depends on what issue you are having.

Hello Daniel, Periphreal are limited items which can be done over Bluetooth with the iPhone. I am not familiar with the Sony Ericsson phones but it sounds to me as if Bluetooth is not configured discoverable on both devices.

What are you peropheral files from and to?

Adding iphone as a bluetooth device yeilds “bluetooth peripheral – Microsoft Community

Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. Definitely will be curious to know what the solution is on this one…. I wrote an article specifically about iphone 4 bluetooth peripheral device the iphone to play music through your computer which you can view by clicking here.

Previously I have no problem sending files from my phone to PC via Bluetooth. Hello vikas, What is the specific error you are seeing? It solved vluetooth problem, I can now tether my internet connection in win7 64 ilhone.

Are both devices discoverable? As you can see above the driver was not installed successfully even though Windows Update was supposed to look for the latest and greatest driver version and install it automatically.

iPhone Tethering Cannot Install Driver for Bluetooth Peripheral Device

Errors By alex Peripherral 4, You write clearly and effectively. Regarding your other question it iphone 4 bluetooth peripheral device unlikely you will get a response here but you might want to try the QD Engage site which is built for asking questions outside the scope of articles that have been written.

Update Drivers Automatically Recommended Method 3: I have looked online iphone 4 bluetooth peripheral device a week everyday and this is the only one that worked. I believe the syncing allowed is basically that it allows you to back everything up to your computer and then you can restore iphone 4 bluetooth peripheral device you backed up if necessary.

Before that I have already connected it with my Windows 7 bu putting the proper pin. Thanks, this worked for me, however I am still investigating an issue where the BT turns itself off after a delay. Bluetooth connection and pairing I found out that not al computer have all those settings, but it may help you to connect.

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I have posted on this here: If you have already added the device in your ‘bluetooth device list’ that didn’t work, then remove the device and add it again. There are different adapters with different drivers which could be the problem but I would assume it is simply the communication iphone 4 bluetooth peripheral device the iphone 4 bluetooth peripheral device and the software on the computer itself.

I am using windows 7 samsung laptop. Hello Sachin, No problem. Your email address will not be published. I have gone to the download site and followed these instructions: